Why I’m attending: Daniel Crosby

this is his "serious" face


Today I’m switching gears and starting to highlight some of our attendees. I’ll be touching base with newbies to HRevolution as well as the grizzled veterans to hear some of their insights and hopes for the coming event.

In this post I reached out to my good friend Dr. Daniel Crosby about his first HRev. He’s someone who everyone is going to enjoy meeting. Be warned, he is a practicing psych and an org dev guy with some big ideas for how to make HR/recruiting better (hint: ask him about select, perfect, persuade). He should be on your “gotta meet” list!

  • Why did you sign up for HRevolution 2011?

Because as much fun as I’ve had “getting to know” many of the attendees through social media, there really is no substitute for person-to-person interaction. I’m looking forward to deepening existing relationships and meeting some great new people. Also it’s in my former home of Ay Tee Ell Jawgia (ATL, Georgia, for those without phonetic pronunciation!) and I never miss a chance to make it to “The A.”

•                What do you expect to get out of the event (lessons learned, better connections, etc.)?

I spend most of my time speaking, training, and coaching – I’m really excited to be on the receiving end and learn from some bright, creative people.

•                What’s the #1 thing you’re looking forward to (meeting someone, a specific session or two, etc.)?

First and foremost, I’m looking forward to fried green tomatoes at Flying Biscuit. Oh, you mean the conference? I’m a big influence junkie and am looking forward to Paul Hebert’s presentation on “Designing for Influence.”

  • Any other random comments? 🙂

How cool is that we have trading cards?

Thanks for sharing, Daniel! You can find him on Twitter @incblot, on SlideShare, and on LinkedIn. Go ahead and connect before HRevolution begins so the relationship/networking foundation is there when you arrive at Atlanta!

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