Session Preview: Revolutionary HR with Mary Faulkner

As we gear up for HRevolution 2015, we wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the session leaders. First up is Mary Faulkner, an HR leader from Denver, Colorado. I met Mary a few years ago at SHRM and since then have had the pleasure of hearing her speak, reading her work, and connecting on the various social platforms. She’s a whiz and has some excellent insights to share, so we look forward to having her join us

mary faulknerBen: So! Tell me a little about yourself. What do you do?

Mary: I’m a talent strategist and business leader with over 10 years experience in helping organizations achieve their goals. After working on the Operations side of start-ups and small companies, I landed in HR by way of learning and development, with extensive experience in leadership and organizational development, coaching, key talent planning, performance management, business partnering, HRIS, process and policy creation, and instructional design.

In addition, I manage a leadership development blog ( to continue the dialogue around the challenges of leadership – both being a leader AND being led.

By day I am currently the head of talent acquisition and management at Denver Water, a public sector water utility in Colorado.

Ben: What will your session be about at HRevolution?

Mary: This is in its infancy, but we recently did an internal customer satisfaction survey and got some pretty harsh feedback. I was thinking about a session around that – is HR ready to hear feedback? Are you willing to act on it? How do you filter through the info to find the trends vs the people who aren’t happy? How do you manage a team who works hard but got bad marks for customer service?

Ben: Out of a thousand topics that we could see at an HR event, why that one?

Mary: Because we keep talking about the need for HR to adapt and improve, and yet I seldom see anything about directly asking internal customers for their feedback. Revolutionary HR is a fantastic thing… but its success is often tied to the organization in which it functions. Where I work, the business isn’t as ready for new thinking – lots of pushback. I think it’s important to balance moving forward with keeping the business with you.

Ben: What’s one thing you would say to somebody on the fence about attending HRev?

Mary: First, it’s small. There’s a real chance to have meaningful conversations with big thinkers. Second, it’s interactive – I love the fact that the sessions are interactive and that participants aren’t afraid to challenge each other’s thinking. Third, it’s short – people can stay focused and engaged throughout. Fourth, it’s fun. COME ON!


Thanks to Mary for taking the time to chat with us about her upcoming session at HRev. You can find her on LinkedIn or Twitter. We look forward to seeing you there and talking more about revolutionary HR!

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