Meet the Speakers: Steve Browne

Steve Browne SPHRI have only known Steve for a few short months, but he is an amazing guy. From the first moment I spoke with him on the phone, I could tell how much passion he has for what he does. I’m really excited to meet him for the first time at HRev and can’t wait to see the session he’s co-facilitating. This is a post in the Meet the HRevolution Speakers series.

  • Who are you?

Steve Browne, down-to-earth HR practitioner who doesn’t follow the norms and rules of our profession very well.  Also, husband of the best wife ever, father of two amazing kids and someone who genuinely loves knowing as many people as possible !!

  • What do you do (day job, any blogging/social media stuff, volunteering, etc.)?

I’m the Executive Director of HR for LaRosa’s, Inc. – a Cincinnati pizzeria and cultural icon.  I am active as a volunteer through SHRM as the 2011 Ohio HR Conference Chair, the incoming State Director of HR for OHSHRM, a Scoutmaster for Troop 941, sit on 3 civic/business boards and also active at church.  I run an international HR message board accompanied with weekly HR song parodies and have just started the blog Everyday People.

  • What is your session title and topic?

The title is “If HR sucks so bad, what are YOU doing about it?” – it’s going to be an intensely interactive session that will challenge the group to look at ways to lift HR up instead of tearing it down.  The difference will be a true “call to action” vs. endless theories and catch phrases.

  • Who is your co-facilitator and why/how did you choose that person?

My co-facilitator is Jason Lauritsen and he actually chose me.  Jason is a fellow practitioner and we had heard that the HRevolution group wanted to hear from more practitioners.  Jason and I think alike and yet have different approaches to stretching the boundaries of HR.  We haven’t “met” yet, but I feel like I know him extremely well !!

  • Why did you submit to speak at HRev?

I’ve always believed that you should be “all in” if you’re going to do something. I plan to fully participate, but I also felt that Jason and I were two folks who could bring a fresh perspective that mixes the trenches of HR with the vibrant world of social media since we live in both arenas.

  • What are 5 words that describe you?

Creative, genuine, tall, laughter, spontaneous

  • What is one  fun/strange/interesting thing about you?

I have a sword hanging in my office which is pretty intimidating when employees come to see HR, but it’s balanced with my lava lamp and Magic 8 Ball.

  • Why do you think you are so passionate about your session topic?

I’m passionate about everything (literally).  This isn’t a get up for HR, rah-rah, passion.  I love HR and have for 25 years.  It’s the field I chose and wouldn’t be in any other.  When I met Jason, I sensed the same things.  I just have a few more years on him.

  • If people only remember one big takeaway from your session, what would it be?

That one person does make a difference in HR and it’s time for YOU to be that one person !!

Wow! If that doesn’t get you pumped about hearing Steve and Jason’s session, I don’t know what will! Have a question or comment for Steve? You can find him on Twitter: @sbrownehr.

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