#HRevolution in Photos

Last weekend, I had the chance to shoot as the Official Photographer at HRevolution in Atlanta. I had been to several HR conferences before, but this was my first “unconference.” Watch, through my photo journey, as I try to capture the energy and essence of the two days we spent in Atlanta.

The TweetUp. Fresh off the plane, train, or car ride, HRevolution attendees gathered for the TweetUp. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, came out for this TweetUp. It was scheduled for 2 hours, but lasted well into the night. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves; smiles, conversation, drinks, cowbells, and a little Royal Wedding spirit all in one night.

Upon entering HRevolution bright and early on Saturday morning, attendees could pick up their personalized “Meet Meme” trading cards. These cards, sponsored by Pinstripe, were colorful trading cards with your photo, contact info, and Twitter bio. These were not only super fun, but they took business card exchanging to a whole other level. You’re not only exchanging info for you at your job, rather, you’re exchanging info for your whole self. And at this unconference, being your whole self was what it was all about!

At first glance, the set up of the session rooms seemed like it would be a typical conference setting: one or two presenters at the front of each room, audience sitting classroom style, presentation on the projector screen. Then, the session started. Chairs got moved around, small groups broke out, debates took place; people were actively involved. These photos truly captured the essence of what an unconference meant for me- the audience is talking and discussing with each other, and everyone is engaged.

I wasn’t able to catch the full sessions because I was in and out of each one throughout the day, but these two caught my interest. To give some background, this is my boss on the left (ewmonster) and he is talking about managing virtual teams (my team!). It was great to watch my team showcased as an example for how to work remotely. Being a remote worker myself, I can say firsthand that the activities and methods talked about during this session work very well. I was also lucky enough to hear a few examples of other teams’ work culture and the challenges they face as well (photo on the right). It was very refreshing to focus on work life culture in such a small setting where several people could share their experiences.

The power of bacon. I watched a woman put these cupcakes out during lunchtime and not 2 minutes after she had finished setting up, a crowd formed. I love that everyone whipped their phones out to snap photos, tweet, and share. It really not only shows the power of bacon, but the power of social. The cupcakes were delicious, by the way.

This was a big moment and breakthrough of HRevolution. During the thank you’s and wrap up at the end of the day, Liz Gottung, CHRO at Kimberly Clark and the keynote speaker for the day, summed up her experience at the event: that she had a lot to learn about HR. Her comment prompted a standing ovation from the crowd.

I like this one because it calls out Maren’s photo and video action. She was my dueling photographer friend this weekend, and I want to give her a shoutout. Shooting events is challenging, especially with so much action like at HRevolution, where literally anything can happen. But it was also fun, since there are so many opportunities for dynamic shots. You can see some of her pics here.

This final photo is of the planning team, l-r, Steve Boese, Trish McFarlane, Crystal Peterson, Ben Eubanks. We all know and love them, and appreciate the effort it took to put on such a flawless event. I love this photo because it was taken in the middle of the day, in the middle of the lunch chaos. Dishes were breaking, stuff needed to be set up, the smell of bacon cupcakes were making people go crazy hungry, etc. We literally had 2 minutes to shoot this, and look how calm and happy they all are. Except maybe for Steve because I think he was really hungry. Once again, this event could not have happened with you, so a HUGE THANK YOU!

Alana Lombardi is one of the fantastic professionals from Monster who helped to sponsor HRev. We appreciate them very much!

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