HRevolution 2018 is coming!

hrevolution111Since 2009, the HRevolution planning team has been bringing you the best, most innovative HR learning events.

HRevolution is an industry-changing, US conference for the human resource industry.  Founded by Trish McFarlane and Ben Eubanks as a single tweet on Twitter, it was a way to bring HR professionals, recruiters, CEOs, and other industry leaders together to discuss the current state of human resources and where the industry is headed. Steve Boese and Matt Stollak quickly joined in the movement.  

Since then, HRevolution has produced nine highly successful events.  The goal of our conference is to help bring people together for discussion and networking, and attendees at previous events have gone on to lead HR functions, join up with highly respected vendors, start their own firms, and more. 

Check out HRevolution 2018 details here.

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