HRevolution 2012 – Why You Need to Be There

Like a proud parent seeing his or her child climb the stairs of the school bus to head off to their first day of kindergarten as a ‘big kid’, out into the world to seek their destiny, I think of HRevolution as growing and evolving in a similar way. From small and uncertain beginnings in an old, historic hotel in Louisville, to Chicago, Atlanta, and then on to Las Vegas, with each event the HRevolution grows, adapts, and, well evolves, to try and meet the needs of the smart, innovative, and connected Human Resources professional.

The next installment of the HRevolution, set for Sunday October 7, 2012 in Chicago, promises to build upon the last four events, add some new and interesting twists, and ultimately result in the one true ‘can’t miss’ event for the HR community. HRevolution is about a new way of thinking about the workplace, about HR, and about talent, and equally important it is about a different way of meeting, connecting, and learning from your friends and colleagues.

We will cover topics ranging from social networking and HR technology, management and leadership, influence and career management and more. But whatever the topic, you can be assured the session leaders will challenge you to think differently, while not attempting to tell you what you should think. And you can also be assured the less formal, more interactive and engaging format will make you think, encourage you to participate, and help connect you to the rest of your fellow HRevolutionaries in a way much, much different than other events.

HRevolution is my favorite event of the year. Sure I am biased. But I bet after you come, it will be your favorite event too.

I hope to see you in Chicago on October 7th.

  Steve Boese

One thought on “HRevolution 2012 – Why You Need to Be There

  1. Trisha based on all the chatter and enegry post HRevolution, you have created something, I follow you and respect much of what you say, post, blog, and post from others. As a 20+ year senior leader in HR, I am glad you are in the discipline. Some thoguhts:Interesting thoughts, tweets, blogs, and vlogs about HRevolution that amount of reflection and commentary is worthyI have followed the comments with keen interestI manage a number of areas at 22squared Finance, IT, HR, Real Estate, campaign management and all disciplines are going through a sea change having spent 20+ years in various aspects of HR, I am interested to be involved in the evolution of a discipline that is vary familiar to meSome comments have centered around the “echo chamber”, some around how do we impact the practice of HR/people if so many people at HRevolution and similar are advisors/consultants/speakers to HR versus in the discipline, many comments have been around the incredible nature of an “un” eventMy thoughts (for what they are worth)we all are one community dedicated to the discipline of HR/people and business performance whether in or “out”our focus has to be the performance and results of our organizations we can impact that by creating better HR leaders, who will create better leaders and business entities, which leads to better communities and places to live and work if we start with business results, the people work matters periodwe do have to be involved to make an impact I am very active with SHRM Atlanta and will be board chair of this 2500 person chapter in 2011-2012 if the board and organization I serve can make 10% of our members better HR leaders, the impact is hugewe do have to watch ourselves and our own chatter on the same hand, its an awesome thing to have a community where everyone feels safe to learn, stumble, get to know one another on a deep soulful level, and find kindred folk to fight the good fightSo my encouragement is to keep the momentum, the conversation, and real action to make a differencethanks, keep up the good work I may tap into your brain and heart trust for some big plans we have here in Atlanta

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