How to Make the Most of HRevolution

HRevolution planning

Want to make your trip worthwhile? This event has the potential to blow you away, but what you do after you leave is going to make all the difference in the world. Yes, I’m aware that we’re more than a month away from the next event, but you can still start preparing, right?

I read an amazing post on Web Worker Daily that was perfect for the people who’ve decided to attend HRevolution. Here’s a sneak peek:

How many times have you returned from a conference only to file the materials and never look at them again? Attending the event is only half of the equation in making a conference pay off. The other half is what you do with the information after you return home.

A great conference leaves you feeling empowered, inspired and ready to take on whatever comes your way. And then you arrive home feeling overwhelmed as you unpack, do laundry, open snail mail and handle all the mundane stuff that needs doing. Not only that, but also you have so much information that you hardly know where to begin to put it to use.

How can you make the most of HRevolution? Click here to read the rest of the Web Worker Daily post.

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