Half-Baked HR Ideas: #HRevolution 2014 Session Preview

HRevolution is an event that helps to drive the HR profession forward. Sometimes that’s because we cover innovative new concepts, and sometimes because we cover topics that nobody else will touch. This session will target the latter…

Not every idea is a great idea. Some ideas don’t make it to market that should. And some ideas should never be talked about in public. And you, HR professional, have all those ideas running around in your mind.

Queue the hipster intro music…

Matthew Stollak and William Tincup to the rescue. During this “groundbreaking” (heh) session, they will pitch the audience 20 Half-Baked HR Ideas. The expectation is that audience members also have Half-Baked HR Ideas that they’ll be willing to share. At the end of the session, they’ll award The Almost Award to the best idea. The audience should be prepared to participate and be entertained.

And who knows? Maybe we’ll actually run across a few ideas that will work… Here are a few sample ideas from Matt and William:

  1. People pay for feedback from a job interview.
  2. Borrow from sports and have a recruitment draft.
  3. Sponsor a student through high school and retain rights to hire him/her right out of college.
  4. Create a company that just cleans microwaves and does dishes at offices.
  5. Create an arbitrator position for performance reviews to act as an independent third party to make judgment calls.

You get the idea. Silly, but oddly workable ideas. Sound like something you might be interested in seeing? If so, grab one of the last tickets to HRevolution while you still can!

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