Beyond Social: #HRevolution 2014 Session Preview

HRevolution is an event that helps to drive the HR profession forward. Sometimes that’s because we cover innovative new concepts, and sometimes because we cover topics that nobody else will touch. This session looks at a leading edge concept in the HCM space…

Beyond Social: The Rise of Workforce Marketing led by Jason Seiden

On-board employees to your brand, elevate internal brand advocacy, amplify everything?

It’s being done. Let’s talk about how.

Let’s build off this statement: if social media is a conversational tool, then the key to leveraging it for your business is to engage the people inside your company (your employees) in conversation with external stakeholders (say, like, prospective employees, clients, and investors).

But how? In theory, we all know exactly what to do: give employees a reason to root for the company, provide a model of success they can follow, celebrate their wins and talk to them about mistakes in a supportive manner, and generally lead them and then get out of their way as they figure out how to follow your lead.

But… though we all know all this, we also know one more thing: our companies don’t do this—or do this poorly. We set out to do all this good stuff, and somehow land in a place where we’re handing out policies thick with “thou shalt nots,” and substituting meaningful leadership with 1-pagers stuffed with generic “Top 10 tips and tricks.”

For 4 years, Jason and his team have been undoing this disconnect. Their secret: it’s not just about what you do, it’s about how you execute it. During this session Jason will share his model, unpack his data, and open it all up to wherever our discussion leads.

Sound like something you might be interested in seeing? If so, grab one of the last tickets to HRevolution while you still can!

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